He has romanced almost every heroine on the big screen in the last three decades. If his on-screen love stories have made people go weak in the knees, his off-screen affairs have grabbed eyeballs too. But even at 52, Salman Khan is not ready to give up his bachelor tag.

From Katrina Kaif to Iulia Vantur, Salman has been linked to many in the recent past, but the actor isn’t ready to take the plunge.


The 52-year-old actor is more than happy to enjoy his single status. And he has a reason. No he isn’t commitment phobic. But it’s something to do with expenditure.

Bollywood’s most eligible bachelor at a recent event spoke about marriage revealing that he doesn’t encourage people who come asking for money to get their sons/daughters married. “Marriage has become such a big thing. You spend lakhs and lakhs and crores of money in getting somebody married. I can’t afford. That’s the reason I am single man,” said the actor.

Salman is rumoured to be dating Romanian TV host Iulia Vantur. Back in her country, tabloids have been calling her Mrs Khan for a few years now. ‘Doamna Khan’, is how Romanian tabloid once spoke of Iulia. Roughly translated to English, ‘Doamna Khan’ means ‘royal Mrs Khan’.

But Salman and Iulia have not made their relationship official till now. Going by his recent statements, Salman doesn’t seem too eager to let go of his bachelorhood anytime soon.